Vertical handover thesis

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Vertical Handover Decision Making Using QoS Reputation and GM(1,1) Prediction

This thesis is focusing on mobility management and mainly on decision making for Vertical handover within heterogeneous wireless network environments. After the analysis of the related state of the art, we first propose a reputation based approach that allows fast vertical handover decision making.

Vertical handover vs horizontal handover In handover, mobile nodes change the point of attachment from one network AP to another. However, if the mobile node moves within a single technology network, this is known as horizontal handover.

Improving initiation, decision and execution phases for vertical handover in heterogeneous wireless mobile networks Khattab, OAOImproving initiation, decision and execution phases for vertical handover in heterogeneous wireless mobile networks, PhD thesis, University of Salford.


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Signature of Student Date June ii. Industrial Thesis - Predictive Models for Seamless Vertical Handover - MONTAGUT Frederic, CE Department EURECOM Institute Academic supervisor: Marc Dacier, EURECOM Institute Industrial supervisors: Richard Bogenberger, Christian Brauner, BMW Group La thèse n’est pas confidentielle.

Performance analysis of vertical handover algorithms

Vertical Handover Decision Making Using QoS Reputation and GM(1,1) Prediction Giacomini, David () Vertical Handover Decision Making Using QoS Reputation and GM(1,1) Prediction. Masters thesis, Concordia University.

Vertical handover thesis
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