Thesis on proximal femoral nail

Green and Robert W. Different opinions were resolved by discussion. Inter trochanteric fractures are the commonest hip fractures and need to be managed successfully.

Pfn vs dhs thesis proposal

Comparison of early and delayed fixation of subcapital hip fractures in patients sixty years of age or less. Systematic review of cemented versus uncemented hemiarthroplasty for displaced femoral neck fractures in older patients.

If studies included had insufficient information, the authors were contacted for original data.

One case of breakage of implant in situ at 5 months was noticed. Paper presented to advanced course in Intramedullary locking nailing, Courchel, France.

J Am Aca Orthop Surg.

Eight trials involving fractures were retrieved. Ender nailing for peritrochanteric fractures of the femur: Wound healed without the need for any further intervention.

Jamming from the nail within the proximal fragment while insertion was noted in a single situation, requiring progressive reaming from the proximal fragment and using a lesser diameter nail. A P value of less than 0. The adductors, on the other hand pull the distal fragment medially into adduction thus increasing the fracture deformity.

They united after 14 weeks and 16 weeks respectively. Early anatomical reduction and surgical fixation remains the best bet to reduce the risk of complications like non-union and avascular necrosis in treating fracture neck femurs.

Surgery was performed on average of 3 days with a range of days. The typical time period of follow-up was 15 several weeks varying from 5 — 26 several weeks, which 2 patients were lost to follow-up, one out of DHS series along with other in PFN series.

Proximal femoral fractures: Principles of management and review of literature

The typical quantity of bloodstream loss was Two other cases required bone grafting at the fracture site, which united at 6 months and 7 months respectively. Proximal femoral nailing creates a shorter lever arm, which translates to a lower bending moment and a decreased rate of mechanical failure Targon PFN fixation was also included [ 2528 ], which offered a biaxial fixation of the proximal fragment [ 29 ], and was inserted in a similar method into the intramedullary cavity [ 10 ].

Harper MC, Walsh T: The quality of six studies included was level B for the allocation concealment, or the blinding was unclear according to the evaluation criteria mentioned above. Pajarinen J, “ pertrochanteric femoral fractures given an engaged hip screw or perhaps a proximal femoral nail.

A randomized study evaluating publish operative rehabilitation” JBJS (Br)87(1) Designed to provide an extensive range of proximal femoral nailing options, including blade/screw head element, locking options, and nail lengths & diameters.

Features Benefits. The disadvantages of proximal femoral nail over common fractures encountered in today's advantages and disadvantages of the original dynamic hip screw among patients with orthopaedic practice. Plan of Thesis (Year ) 1.

Internal fixation of fracture distal end radius with volar locking plate 2. Association of facet tropism with lumbar disc herniation 3. Randomized controlled trial comparing proximal femoral nail Vs dynamic hip screw in the.

PFN Proximal Femoral Nail Surgical technique Standard/Short PFN Long PFN Insert standard/short proximal femoral nail Carefully insert the nail manually as far as possible into the femoral opening.

Slight twisting hand movements help insertion. If the nail cannot be inserted, select a smaller size nail. OBJECTIVE: A meta-analysis to compare the intraoperative and postoperative outcome data for the proximal femoral nail antirotation (PFNA) and dynamic hip screw (DHS) implant systems for the treatment of patients with trochanteric fractures.

Thesis on proximal femoral nail
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