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With this happy greeting from a joint dinner at the lake during the summer break we welcome everybody back to UZH for the new term. The workshop title is: A strand of research has identified that even small cues of being observed such as a picture of eyes can affect anything from criminal behavior to charitable giving.

Professor David Seidl and Team

In particular, the aim is to combine data from e. The association organizes regular meetings and provides access to exclusive information, events, and people in the financial industry. With these findings they contribute to a better understanding of the full spectrum of intentional action in routine dynamics, ranging from purposeful action foregrounding ends to purposive action foregrounding means.

Have a very merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year.

Master Thesis and Final Exams

It was a pleasure having Eero as a guest lecturer, and we would like to thank him for this insightful workshop, his enthusiastic and engaged way of conducting it, and his valuable feedback and comments to all students during the course.

Graduates are assigned to a ceremony in groups, based on degree and specialization. Poster The poster not graded with results or introduction of methods or the project is a mandatory component of the Master's Thesis.

Specialized methods such as propensity score adjustments and conditional logistic regression are introduced for the analysis of matched data. Confidence intervals for proportions, analysis of diagnostic studies, ROC curves, analysis of agreement, randomized controlled trials, hypothesis tests and sample size calculation, randomization and blinding, analysis of continuous and binary outcomes, multiplicity, subgroup analysis, protocol deviations, some special designs crossover, equivalence, and cluster-randomized trialsprinciples of survival analysis, meta-analysis.

Rico's excellent dissertation is based on an elaborate qualitative case study and reflects the hard work he put into his thesis project. If time allows we might also discuss mixed effects models, nonparametric regression and additive models.

Topics for master theses

After a brief recap of classical regression techniques the following topics will be discussed: The Sachs-Easterly-debate in German What is the role of middle classes in development processes. If the underlying data systematically miss salient features of the subject of interest, how useful are our conclusions.

March 10th,Just Published: March 18, - Visit by Francesco Zirpoli. Roshan Tantirimudalige will join the team as an external PhD student as of September 1, Please note that the graduation ceremonies will be held in German.

September 1, Irina Stoller joins the team as a doctoral student.

Bachelor's/Master's Theses

The Paradox of Plenty. Felix Langenmayrsenior consultant at Ellix, and Dr. In her PhD, Lisa focuses on strategy making processes in higher education.

Thesis Presentations

Transport infrastructure and economics: Anja Schulze is invited to participate in a panel, discussing business opportunities for Swiss Automotive Suppliers to export to Japan. The appropriate form has to be used. This should, therefore, be borne in mind when planning the completion and submission schedule for the thesis module.

The poster is shown at the Master ceremony in an exhibition. Listen At our professorship we can only supervise economic-related papers. We hope you all enjoyed the summer as much as we did, and wish all students a good start back at UZH.

Oct 27th,Announcement: Daniel Kahneman and co-authors have for example shown that you can make patients better off by simply extending a painful medical treatment with a more joyful period at the end. Date Candidates must meet with their examiner to agree on a date and time slot.

Master's Theses

Friday, 1 February Printed version A0: This research question is necessarily open and exploratory, so a good deal of the work involved concerns the destillation of feasible research questions.

Search for published Master's Theses Use the search field below to find our published Master's Theses. You can narrow your search by selecting a specialization. This site lists the most important points regarding the Master Thesis. For more information on planning and booking the module, consult the Faculty of Arts' information sheets and booking form available at the page linked to below.

Master Thesis, Financial Economics Henrik Nordin Default Digital Swap The Default Digital Swap (DDS), which is a special case of the CDS, has perhaps one of. High-Quality Education With a challenging curriculum in the fields of financial markets, financial institutions, corporate finance, and quantitative methods, the MBF offers a high-quality education in both theory and application.

Additionally, our agent reacts to price peaks by lowering its demand, which would help to reduce local energy consumption during peak times. Comments: Master thesis presentation.

Fusszeile. Students of the joint degree Master's program in Quantitative Finance at UZH and ETH may write their thesis with a professor of their choice from the Faculty of Business, Economics and Informatics at UZH or the Department of Mathematics at ETH.

Master thesis uzh economics times
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