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The Blockchain has the potential not only to establish a new currency, but also to fundamentally change other transactions and business models e.

Brisbane 10th - 13th July Tuesday, October 31, Bernsteinfor a conversation. This must be agreed before the end of the third teaching week of the semester in which you wish to take the exam. For a more detailed description of the PhD position, please have a look at the job announcement.

Or are you interested in a particular combination of these three. New thesis topic - Working title: Economist be9c Why does the MSc thesis not matter. Exact proofreading is required and use of a spelling checker recommended. This should, therefore, be borne in mind when planning the completion and submission schedule for the thesis module.

A transcript which shows the courses you attended and the grades you received. MSc-Basismodul for MSc students: Are you planning on doing your BSc thesis part-time i. More details about his talk are available on the Marketing Group Zurich webpage. Although they are reading some whatever microecon textbook other than MWG, they can still produce quite solid papers.

The student will focus on the perspective of a car importer and dealer in the project. Master thesis in Germany Writing your master thesis at a company: Second, we provide some general information about writing theses.

Usually, the thesis will cover aspects of ongoing research projects. Research visit Barak Libai The topic of his talk on Tuesday 18th September is: The exam may take place any time between weeks 8 and 14 incl.

First, it contains a list of currently open and actively sought for thesis topics. While completing a practical at Bayer in China during his Master's course, he learned of an interesting company project that would make an excellent topic for the Master thesis.

Christine Kaufmann Christine Kaufmann is a professor of international, constitutional and administrative law at the University of Zurich Law School in Switzerland. If you have a concrete idea, you are requested to write a one page summary of the proposed thesis topic including the first results of a literature search.

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This is the reason why many companies advertise topics for Master's theses. This thesis is a part of a running blockchain project which deals with the used car market. Although the Master thesis phase left Zimmermann's and Knudsen's heads spinning, the writing process stalled and the despair was great, both would definitely choose to write their Master thesis at a company again.

Anything else you think we should know. What are the advantages in writing your master thesis in a company. Application Procedure If you are interested in writing a thesis at the Kaiser chair, please send the following documentation and information to Nicole Ehrsam: Last but not least, it contains some general information about our typical thesis topics in our area.

Yet another choice is to write a theory paper like those published in Mathematical Finance or Finance and Stochastics. Guest visit Rick Bagozzi The missions committee for that non-Econ PhD can see you're a very smart person and do well in your Econ classes.

I am not joking, although I know reg monkeys no offense do not use epsilon-delta every day but it is still useful at at least the beginning of the program. If you plan on writing a mathematically-orientated thesis i. Structuring the topic well and starting to write early on is essential to meeting deadlines.

The thesis has to be written in English and be typed and printed in reasonable quality. Actually, I happen to read some MSc papers and they are not bad. Master Thesis Grade: 6 with Latin Honors cum Laude (6 = max/4 = pass).

Master's degree in French and English Language. Three modules: Strategic and General Management, Organization and Human Resource Management and clientesporclics.comry: Medical Practice. Starting the faculty of Economics, Business Administration and Information Technology invites applications for an Assistant Professor of Network Science which will be associated with the University Research Priority Program (URPP) on "Social Networks".

The position has a. Find and compare Master degrees from top universities worldwide: search all MBA, MSc, MA, LLM, MPhil and more postgraduate programmes to study abroad or at home. Licentiata Philosophiae, (Master of Arts UZH, MA UZH), University Zurich (final grade: magna cum laude) November Thesis Title: Gr√ľne Wirtschaft.

Motive ökologischen Handelns in gesellschaftlich verantwortungsbewussten Schweizer Unternehmen. eacThing good economics writing is one of the goals of the departmental writing requirement and is a avluable lesson for potential thesis writers.

ouY will get a lower grade if your writing is ungrammatical.

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Information and support for international Master's students, PhD candidates, postdocs, and academic guests is available from the International Scholars Center. Before and After Arrival UZH for New International Staff.

Master thesis uzh economics jobs
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